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Last Blast from the Past

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This week will end our look back through some ALA Graphics catalogs from decades past. But before we return to our regularly schedule READ CD programming, let us pause to remember some great celebrities from the 1990s:

Celebrity READ Posters

Celebrity READ Posters

In the top row we have super-model Cindy Crawford, followed by super-Spaniard Antonio Banderas. In the bottom we have Muhammad Ali who is, to my knowledge, the 2nd celebrity to pose with a stuffed animal. (See Bette Midler in this post.) And finally a young Michael Keaton.


An unlikely quartet?

An unlikely quartet?

Then we have this foursome. In the top row we have film director Spike Lee next to newswoman Barbara Walters, and then the rock band R.E.M next to the King, Elvis Presley. Perhaps that should be ALA Graphics new motto: Bringing celebrities together since 1980!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed these three posts showcasing some of the notable vintage Celebrity READ Posters. Next post will be back with more about the READ DVD. Yes, DVD! As we speak the READ DVD Genres & Subjects is in production. With so many fabulous art files representing over 23 genres and subjects, we expanded to a DVD so it all fits conveniently on one disc! I can’t wait to share more and get your feedback!

Further Down Memory Lane

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As promised last week, I present you with another installation of Graphics throwback catalogs and celebrities. Rather than tell you what decade we’re in, I’ll let you be the judge based on this cover:
Graphics Cover

Graphics Cover


Give up? Couldn’t figure it out? Well the answer, dear readers, is 1989. A mere two years before Michael Jackson released the hit single “Black or White”, which this catalog clearly anticipated. Sometimes it’s hard being so ahead of the curve. But I digress.

Let us open this catalog to reveal the stars that were appearing on READ posters two decades prior. 

Celebrity READ Lineup

Celebrity READ Lineup

If you get out your magnifying glass you will spy the likes of a young Michael J. Fox, 1 of 2 Oprah Celebrity READ posters, a pre-Sex in the City Mikhail Baryshnikov, a lovely Phylicia Rashad, and a post-Ziggy Stardust David Bowie (row 1). In the next row we see Phil Collins donning a coon-skin hat, a mustachioed Ruben Blades, a charming Goldie Hawn, Mister George Burns, and the other parental star from the Cosby Show (row 2). Finally, we have Sting in full cape and Bette Midler in full pajamas along with Diahann Carroll and a classic Paul Newman. What a lineup, huh?! 

Next week I’ll finish up this blast from the past with a few celebs from the early 90s. (Surprisingly, I don’t believe anyone is wearing plaid.) Until then, check out our current offerings of Celebrity READ Posters, and leave your suggestions for any you feel missing in the comments section!

A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

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This morning I decided that ALA Graphics catalogs are like high school yearbooks. Except that all the “photos” are celebrities. And last time I checked I couldn’t order anything out of my yearbook. Okay, so not a perfect comparison, but there is that certain mix of hilarity, surprise, and nostalgia that comes from opening an old Graphics catalog. Thus, I thought I would interrupt our regular blog programming for a few weeks to share with you some of my favorite finds.

This morning we go back to the year of 1994: Back to a time when Emeril wasn’t competing with a host of other chefs with TV series and Jason Kidd and Marion Jones were only in the news for their athletic talent. The spread below features: Serena Williams, Tony Hawk, Matt Kenseth (row 1); Jason Kidd, Landon Donovan, Shaquille O’Neal, Mike Mussina, Marion Jones (row 2); Michelle Kwan, Emeril Lagasse, Tara Dakides, Rebecca Lobo, Mat Hoffman, Grant Hill (row 3).

Celebrity READ Spread

Celebrity READÂ PostersÂ


Here’s another spread featuring many famous musicians of the ’90s including Coolio, Indigo Girls, Stephen Hawking (I’m not sure if Mr. Hawking would find it amusing or disturbing to know he’s been grouped with “hot” American musicians of the early 90s. As he’s holding Marilyn Monroein his poster, I tend to think he’s a little less stuffy and posses a better sense of humor than most theoretical physicists.) , “Weird Al” Yankovic, Britney Spears (row 1); Ani DiFranco, Bill Gates, LL Cool J, Melissa Etheridge, Christina Ricci, Danny Glover (row 2).

More Celebrity READ Posters

More Celebrity READ Posters


And one last spread for your viewing pleasure, featuring some READ Posters that were considered “backlist” in 2004: Edward James Olmos, Nicolas Cage, Susan Sarandon, Graham Greene, Tim Robbins, Mel Gibson.
Oldies but Goodies

Oldies but Goodies

Here’s a challenge

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One element I love about celebrity READ posters is how the celebrities pick their favorite book to hold. The only rule is that it can’t be a book the celebrity has authored. While I haven’t actually sat down to count, The Catcher in the Rye might hold the record for Most Celebrity READ Poster Appearances. I’m guessing George Orwell’s 1984 comes in a close second.

Coincidentally, both of these books have also made quite a few appearances on challenged books lists. In fact, Catcher in the Rye appeared 13th on the 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990-2000 List. Depending on your views, this is perhaps logical, nonsensical, or ironic seeing as how both books deal with questions of standards, rules, laws and the consequences of choosing to abide and conform to them. Or not.

Both novels are also popular high school reads. While I read 1984 as a teenager, I skipped over The Catcher in the Rye. I think I was sick of hearing everyone from the aloof stoner to the class president marvel at how “life-changing” the book was. I found it strange that a book that had come to symbolize non-conformity was what everyone was reading. Still, I was curious, and this was probably what caused me to take the novel from a girl who, during locker clean out, said “Does anyone want this? I’m going to throw it out otherwise!”   –Gasp– “Not that! I’ll take the book. Just don’t throw it away!”

I have read the book since, and honestly, I’m just not a huge Salinger fan. I acknowledge his skill and gift as a writer, I understand why people love him, but he’s not my personal favorite. I do admire him and his books, though. The Catcher in the Rye had a power and allure strong enough to break though extracurricular activities, household incomes, and high school cliques. Almost everyone I knew had read it. Not many books can claim that staying power and appeal.

And that’s part of the magic of reading to me. There aren’t any rules. You can (regardless of what challenged or banned books lists say) read a book authored by anyone. Or, in the case of celebrity READ Poster rules, authored by you! You can read it slow or fast and even out of order. It doesn’t matter what grades you make, what sports you play, or where you live. As long as your read, you’re doing it right.

Banned Books Week takes place starting September 27th, and I can’t imagine students and patrons wouldn’t love to see fellow students, teachers, and/or librarians on a READ poster displaying their favorite banned or challenged book.

P.S. Can you guess the only celebrity that is holding his/her own book?